When I met with Toromade in 2021 he told me about this period of his life when he made 2 tiny works of which this is one of them. He had just been through a very difficult time. He was depressed and was ready to give up on being an artist because of some of the experiences he had had with Ebenezer Akinola (the artist) who was his teacher back then in Ibadan and the Signature on Awolowo Rd. I went on to buy other pieces from him. He was represented by my cousin Ope Obileye but because of what this particular piece meant to him the perfection of the execution of it and the season in which it was created we couldn’t not put a monetary value to it. As he described it to me the work is priceless and i just can’t put a value to it so he ended up giving it to me. For this reason and more (the execution of the work the subject matter “still life” is one of my favourite subjects etc this piece has become one of my favourites in my collection.

  • Niyi Adenubi's Residence
  • Painting
  • 13.0 x 15.0 cm
  • 1.0

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