The Legacy Art Foundation Scholarship Program

Nigeria boasts a vibrant artistic landscape, nurtured by esteemed institutions such as the Yaba College of Technology, Zaria Art School, and the University of Nigeria Nsukka. These esteemed schools have cultivated a multitude of talented artists, designers, and creative professionals, contributing significantly to Nigeria’s artistic legacy.

The need for support within has become apparent. These institutions, crucial for fostering the ongoing African cultural renaissance, require a much-needed injection of resources to ensure their continued success. One pressing issue is the financial barrier faced by aspiring students who find it challenging to afford tuition fees and other associated expenses. This financial strain restricts their ability to pursue an education in the arts, depriving them of the opportunity to develop their talents to their full potential.

It is essential to identify and nurture nascent talent, regardless of socio-economic background, to foster a thriving and inclusive artistic community. Together, we can empower aspiring artists and creative minds, creating a brighter future for the Nigerian arts scene and contributing to the cultural fabric of Africa as a whole one art school at a time.


Our scholarships are designed to recognize and empower promising individuals with financial constraints and exceptional academic merit, offering them the opportunity to pursue their artistic passions and unleash their creative potential. By investing in education, we believe in nurturing a new generation of artists who will shape the future of the arts.

Faculty Development

Faculty members play a pivotal role in shaping the future of art education. LAF will curate an annual symposium designed exclusively for faculty members. This transformative event will serve as a platform to expose the faculty to world-class art practitioners, emerging trends and techniques in the arts, and best practices in teaching art.

Art Supplies

Through our commitment to supporting emerging talents, LAF aims to bridge the gap and provide a platform for students to flourish. By addressing the scarcity of art supplies, we create an environment where creativity can thrive and artistic expression knows no boundaries.

Yaba College of Technology, Lagos

Starting at the esteemed Yaba College of Technology through the Yaba Art Museum, our objective is to identify emerging talents and foster skills, personal growth, and cultural enrichment among them.

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