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Celebrating creativity & culture

The Legacy Art Foundation (LAF) is a non-profit organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 2021, the goal is to empower and uplift emerging African artists by providing scholarships, sponsorship, facilitating residencies, and offering innovative forms of support.

Drawing inspiration from genuine cross-border collaboration and the vibrant cultural tapestry of the African continent, our foundation takes a leadership role both nationally and continentally in promoting, presenting, and preserving Africa’s modern and contemporary visual arts.

We envision an Africa that acknowledges the pivotal role of art and artists in shaping institutions, nations, and individuals with unwavering self-awareness. It is our dream to foster a collective celebration of artistic creativity while working together to safeguard it.

Our Objectives

  • To hold the Niyi Adenubi family collection

  • Support emerging African artists

  • Foster collaboration amongst collectors across the African continent and the diaspora

Mission & Vision


To support emerging African artists through scholarships, sponsorship, facilitation of residencies, and other innovative forms of support. To provide both national and continental leadership in the production, presentation, and preservation of Africa’s modern and contemporary visual arts.


To create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for African artists. An Africa that recognizes the central role that art and artists have in building institutions, nations, and individuals with an unshakable knowledge of self.

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Yaba College of Technology


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