Silent prayer (symbolises 3 women always praying for me) by Tega. I met Tega @ Terra Kulture where I was having dinner with a few friends but an art exhibition was going on. I popped in to see the art display and I fell in love with a couple of Olaku’s. He was there and we started talking he quickly told me that he trained under the great Abiodun Olaku. We kept in touch and he subsequently showed me some of his work. I connected with it right away. I believe he’s going to be one of the most accomplished Nigerian artists. His use of light and colour rivals that of his master’s and I have gone on to buy a few of his works. Oil on Canvas – 2015/17. N750k

  • Niyi Adenubi's Residence
  • Painting
  • 86.4 x 83.8 cm
  • 750000.0

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