Path to bliss (Pathway through the garden that leads some place … perhaps paradise or perhaps Russia). I met the painter Dasha during the Football WC of 2018 in Moscow. She is also a child psychologist (ages 1-5) and was trained by her grandmother. She is a spectacular artist and a wonderful person. Got 2 works from her. I had a lot of explanations to do @ the airport to the customs folks. I do confess my palms were a little sweaty :). I do agree I left with 2 treasures. This trip was an unforgettable experience for me. I went with some of my bestest friends and My first time in Eastern Europe and even though I had no expectations I was really wowed. Moscow is a very stunning city and the people are very energetic and nice. I am glad I got these 2 pieces to always remind me of my time in Moscow. (Oil on Canvas) by Dasha – N1.5m

  • Niyi Adenubi's Residence
  • Painting
  • x cm
  • 1.0

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