Lagos Marina by Bruno – this work is quite spectacular as Bruno did an amazing job capturing the nighttime feel @ the Lagos marina overlooking the water in Lagos Island. It’s also Nigeria’s busiest and only purpose-built Central Business District. Coincidentally my office is currently in marina and VFD Group just acquired a building that will be our HQ in the Same year (2018). We @ VFD are betting on the regeneration of the central business district. It was gifted to me by a friend (Ibitunde Balogun) who promised to on the very day that we met cos he saw a wrapped artwork in my car. He was very excited to meet a fellow enthusiast. It’s a gesture that’s truly appreciated and must be reciprocated but more importantly cemented a lifetime of friendship. (Oil on Canvas). 2018.

  • Bruno Ajunam
  • Ope Obileye's Residence
  • Painting
  • x cm
  • 1.0

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